Friday, September 21, 2007

Board Tailgate Illinois Game

The tailgate got off to a great start with Cuseregular bringing his canopy, breakfast sausage, dunkin donuts, coffee, etc...Thanks

Also, thanks to LincolnCuse and Jurrie for help seting up at 8:30am. We had about 30 people at the tailgate. Some of the people I remember: Cusefan95 and family, GoSU96, Jurrie, Lincolncuse, cuseregular, Carl and friends, GreenwichOrange and friend, RayinVa and Carol, sutomcat, TheOrangeBuddha, OrangeBob, JavaDoc and Dad, DCCuse. Noshows: NYCowboy, LurkerBob, and Dutchhart--hopefully next time.

After the game many returned and we were still there an hour after the game despite cool, cloudy weather and a stinging loss.

I had about a $30 profit: I'm going to give Cuseregular $20 to help defray some of his expenses and rebate back $10 to Cusefan95 since he paid more than anyone else upfront. I decided against donating it to the Orange Club since the amount was failry small. Extra food/supplies were given to Cuseregular (mostly Chips and some beer). I'll repay you guys when I come up for Rutgers.

I will not be up in Syracuse for the WVU game. If you can take lead and organize the WVU tailgate let me know.

IMHO: I think Fine Lot passes will be available next year for Orange Club Donors at just the Orange Level ($125) plus $130 for the pass. The lot was nowhere near full but is a nice location and SU needs the revenue.

BTW, I have about 30-35 people who expressed interest in going on the road to Pitt. I bet some will back out so if you are interested let me know.

The Shatheads will host us. I hope to reciprocate at a smaller level next Fall.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Progress Report 2

Wow--people are coming out of the woodwork. I'd guesstimate 40-50 folks by now. Should be fun. Remember if you are walking in--pack light and label your stuff you want to keep in someone's car at the Fine Lot during the game. A post game party will start immediately after the game. I don't think it'll last too long since it is a night game. CYA on Friday.

LATE CHANGE--Fine Lot will not open before 5 pm I'll be there as close as possible to 5 pm!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Progress Report

As of Monday it looks like we should have 20-30 people at the tailgate. Look for a blue canopy. I'll print out a "Fine Mess" sign and hang it to be see by those walking near Raynor. I'm proposing to collect $5 dues from each tailgate group. So if you are bringing 4 in your group it is $5 and if you are coming as a single it is still $5. The money will be used to buy a canopy and some supplies to get us started. I have an initial roster done in Excel. I'll bring it to the tailgate for final editing.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Washington Prep


Right now this is the list of primary attendees for UW at the Fine Lot: TexanMark, RRLbees+(Family?), LincolnCuse + wife, Quatsy, storange+(kids?), CuseHoops11, sutomcat+(brothers?), TheRealJoeCollege + his biotch(Pete Calvin), JeremyCuse+Dad and RayinVA and Carol

Hoping for cameos by Cuseregular + wife and Q3Cuse (they'll be tailgating on the quad) and hopefully we can see CaliCuse

Still haven't heard from DCuse (slacker) and a couple guys + families from the RealCuseFans Board might attend: reedny and dutchhart03

Cusefan95 (will attend other games not this one)

If you haven't met me before I'm the big stupid looking guy in the Orange Syracuse T shirt...the young man standing next to me is my son Mike (BTW, trust fund girls he is currently unattached)

What do you need to do?

Reply to this post via the comment button and tell us how many you're bringing. If you post as anonymous (in the post tell us who you are: what are you bringing and how many folks are coming)

I'll start it off: TexanMark will be setting up no later than 3:30pm, I'll bring 3 lbs of Hoffman Coneys, about 12-18 cans of LaBatts Beer, some Diet Coke (6 cans), a midsize cooler, rolls, mustard, some paper plates, napkins and a small grill and a portable table and two chairs.

Look for a canopy (color unknown right now--courtesy of Cuseregular), if I can find one for under $100--I'll try and buy one for the group.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Here's the Plan ...

Right now I have about 8-10 folks who have said yes to start this group. This is a formal call for folks to let me know if you're interested. I realize due to the unique nature of my target audience (you) not everyone can be there for every game. That is okay. If you join you are expected though to donate something: Time, Talent, Consumables, Equipment or Money. The ultimate goal is to create a tailgate environment with established consistency. What this group won't be: A reliable place for the lazy and cheap to crash for free beer and coneys. That said I hope we become a place that welcomes guests.

Starting Rules: Identify yourself to me: Send me your email address and cell phone number (if you bring one on gameday) or another contact number via PM. Tell me if you expect to be tailgating: (1 or 2 games), (about half of the games) or (probably every game) with us. NOTE: If you already know what exact games you will attend--identify them to me.

Identify your Talents: love to grill or BBQ, have pickup or SUV to help move/get equipment, have grill, have canopy, connections in the business community or I fly in for the games and can help out financially.

Example to Send to Me: at, can usually bring small grill and cooler with beer and soda and Coneys, will attend Washington , Illinois and Rutgers

Initial CONOPS (Concept of Operations):

We want to be running 4 hours before kickoff. Cuseregular has a canopy we can use. The first tailgate ( Washington ) will have no menu. You need to plan your own food/beer/drink/equipment initially. Once we figure out who is reliable and the desires of the group we will adjust our plan. The tailgate group can evolve into a loose confederation of small tailgates or into a bigger mass event. Obviously, I want to use the KISS principle initially. The Washington Game will be the trial run.

Once I get the list of names (internet names only) I'll post a roster on the board in a few days. This should help you to link up with a buddy.

Don't have a parking pass at the Fine Lot? PM me for top secret parking ideas.

Hint: If you are dropping stuff off and will park elsewhere: Everything you want back please put your name on it.

Washington Tailgate

(From TexanMark)

We'll need everyone to send me a cell phone number to build a contact list...people who do not have Fine Lot passes should call as they are approaching the Fine Lot to drop off your supplies, we'll bring them in while you go park. I suggest using a plastic crate with your name on it if you are not parked in the Fine Lot.

Here is a list of items I think we need:

Some of the items are weather dependent, can you think of anything else?

Menu: Gotta keep it basic at first, Hoffman's or Zeigle's (for the Rahchester people), Gianelli Sausage, rolls, prepackaged coleslaw and potato salad. Beer, Soda, mustard, plastic silver
Anybody have a portable canopy? a SU Flag?
I have a small portable Grill, I think storange has one too.
Reply back to me if you are coming and a headcount.
P.S. I have several people interested in tailgating with us not on the list (1-2 game a year attendees) so I expect they'll chip in some money to help or can supplement our supply needs.

tickets parking passes tent or canopy
flags duct tape tent or canopy weights
grill + propane gloves plates (paper or plastic)
flippers/tongs rubber gloves garbage bag(s)
spatula aluminum pan aluminum foil
radio (car--ok) chairs tables
coolers + ice rain suits stadium seats
backpack sunscreen plastic forks, spoons, etc
paper towels hand cleaner