Friday, September 21, 2007

Board Tailgate Illinois Game

The tailgate got off to a great start with Cuseregular bringing his canopy, breakfast sausage, dunkin donuts, coffee, etc...Thanks

Also, thanks to LincolnCuse and Jurrie for help seting up at 8:30am. We had about 30 people at the tailgate. Some of the people I remember: Cusefan95 and family, GoSU96, Jurrie, Lincolncuse, cuseregular, Carl and friends, GreenwichOrange and friend, RayinVa and Carol, sutomcat, TheOrangeBuddha, OrangeBob, JavaDoc and Dad, DCCuse. Noshows: NYCowboy, LurkerBob, and Dutchhart--hopefully next time.

After the game many returned and we were still there an hour after the game despite cool, cloudy weather and a stinging loss.

I had about a $30 profit: I'm going to give Cuseregular $20 to help defray some of his expenses and rebate back $10 to Cusefan95 since he paid more than anyone else upfront. I decided against donating it to the Orange Club since the amount was failry small. Extra food/supplies were given to Cuseregular (mostly Chips and some beer). I'll repay you guys when I come up for Rutgers.

I will not be up in Syracuse for the WVU game. If you can take lead and organize the WVU tailgate let me know.

IMHO: I think Fine Lot passes will be available next year for Orange Club Donors at just the Orange Level ($125) plus $130 for the pass. The lot was nowhere near full but is a nice location and SU needs the revenue.

BTW, I have about 30-35 people who expressed interest in going on the road to Pitt. I bet some will back out so if you are interested let me know.

The Shatheads will host us. I hope to reciprocate at a smaller level next Fall.

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