Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tailgate Plans for 2010

This will be a living document for the preseason

As we begin another season as the Fine Mess we need to start to nail down our head/assistant chefs for the away and home games.

@Akron, Sept 4th 6pm kickoff
A contingent of use are driving over on Sat morning. We expect to stay Sat night in motels about 10 miles north of Akron. Details are pending on whether we take a bus or not.

@Washington, Sept 11th, Time TBD
Details TBD

Maine, Sept 18th 7pm kickoff This will be the annual tailgate. I would like Fine Mess Folks to show by 3pm. I will tell the board readers and lurkers to show at 330pm. I expect the menu to be Hoffman's, Italian sausage, burgers. Throw in cole slaw and potato salad. I'm hoping to get Yuengling to sponsor us again.

Colgate, Sept 25th, 330pm Head Chef TexanMark, Asst Chef, dccuse Setup at 1130am I expect Spiedies, coneys, etc....

@USF, Oct 9th, Time TBD, Details TBD

Pittsburgh, Oct 16th, Time TBD, Details TBD Looking for a Head and Asst Chef

@WVU, Oct 23rd, Time TBD
, Details TBD

@Cincinnati, Oct 30th, Time TBD
, Details TBD

Louisville, Nov 6th, Time TBD, Head Chef dccuse, Asst Chef Lincolncuse Details TBD

@Rutgers, Nov 13th, Time TBD
, Details TBD

Connecticut, Nov 20th, Time TBD
, Head Chef sutomcat, Asst Chef Cuseregular Details TBD

Boston College, Nov 27th, Time TBD
, Details TBD

Send me an email or PM if you want to volunteer for a chef position. Chefs (including Asst) are responsible for the main meat dish.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WebSite Going Active Again

We ran our Fine Mess Tailgate group for two years off the Tailgate Haven website. They are going to a wiki format.

Look out for more info in the future.