Friday, August 17, 2007

Here's the Plan ...

Right now I have about 8-10 folks who have said yes to start this group. This is a formal call for folks to let me know if you're interested. I realize due to the unique nature of my target audience (you) not everyone can be there for every game. That is okay. If you join you are expected though to donate something: Time, Talent, Consumables, Equipment or Money. The ultimate goal is to create a tailgate environment with established consistency. What this group won't be: A reliable place for the lazy and cheap to crash for free beer and coneys. That said I hope we become a place that welcomes guests.

Starting Rules: Identify yourself to me: Send me your email address and cell phone number (if you bring one on gameday) or another contact number via PM. Tell me if you expect to be tailgating: (1 or 2 games), (about half of the games) or (probably every game) with us. NOTE: If you already know what exact games you will attend--identify them to me.

Identify your Talents: love to grill or BBQ, have pickup or SUV to help move/get equipment, have grill, have canopy, connections in the business community or I fly in for the games and can help out financially.

Example to Send to Me: at, can usually bring small grill and cooler with beer and soda and Coneys, will attend Washington , Illinois and Rutgers

Initial CONOPS (Concept of Operations):

We want to be running 4 hours before kickoff. Cuseregular has a canopy we can use. The first tailgate ( Washington ) will have no menu. You need to plan your own food/beer/drink/equipment initially. Once we figure out who is reliable and the desires of the group we will adjust our plan. The tailgate group can evolve into a loose confederation of small tailgates or into a bigger mass event. Obviously, I want to use the KISS principle initially. The Washington Game will be the trial run.

Once I get the list of names (internet names only) I'll post a roster on the board in a few days. This should help you to link up with a buddy.

Don't have a parking pass at the Fine Lot? PM me for top secret parking ideas.

Hint: If you are dropping stuff off and will park elsewhere: Everything you want back please put your name on it.

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