Friday, August 17, 2007

Washington Tailgate

(From TexanMark)

We'll need everyone to send me a cell phone number to build a contact list...people who do not have Fine Lot passes should call as they are approaching the Fine Lot to drop off your supplies, we'll bring them in while you go park. I suggest using a plastic crate with your name on it if you are not parked in the Fine Lot.

Here is a list of items I think we need:

Some of the items are weather dependent, can you think of anything else?

Menu: Gotta keep it basic at first, Hoffman's or Zeigle's (for the Rahchester people), Gianelli Sausage, rolls, prepackaged coleslaw and potato salad. Beer, Soda, mustard, plastic silver
Anybody have a portable canopy? a SU Flag?
I have a small portable Grill, I think storange has one too.
Reply back to me if you are coming and a headcount.
P.S. I have several people interested in tailgating with us not on the list (1-2 game a year attendees) so I expect they'll chip in some money to help or can supplement our supply needs.

tickets parking passes tent or canopy
flags duct tape tent or canopy weights
grill + propane gloves plates (paper or plastic)
flippers/tongs rubber gloves garbage bag(s)
spatula aluminum pan aluminum foil
radio (car--ok) chairs tables
coolers + ice rain suits stadium seats
backpack sunscreen plastic forks, spoons, etc
paper towels hand cleaner


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