Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Practice

Hey Y'all:

Time to think about summer for you NYers. Already 80 degrees daily down here in San Antonio. The best summer weather in the USA will be arriving to CNY soon!

I just sent out a reminder for you to get your Fine Lot Parking Passes. I was able to renew mine without issue for $130. If you are a first timer to getting a parking pass. You'll have to join the Orange Club. This is a prime time to join as you know demand is down..time to get a pass before the bandwagoners come back. Send me an email at and I'll fill you in on how to avoid the run around in getting a parking pass. BTW, several of us out of towners have bought the $100 Touchdown Ticket Packages and will have plenty of extras to sell cheap to anyone who needs extra tix.

If you don't get a parking pass at the Fine Lot you can still drive up, enter and drop your stuff off. Our parking Lot attendant is a great guy and will let you in to drop off stuff without a hassle. We keep him well fed and hydrated.

One piece of bad news: the Armory Square Trolley Lot and Train might not run this year..keep that in mind if you park there.

Cuseregular (Mike), ReedNY (Reed), TexanMark (Me), Cuseguy (Steve) and a few others already have multiple canopies, grills, coolers, Flags, etc... lined up...we have over 30 members now and continue to grow. BTW, we have members from: Texas, New England, Ohio, Virginia, Canada as well as NY State.

A couple events:
AKRON: K.I.S.S. Tailgate (Hoffmans, Zweigles, Burgers)
PENN STATE: Scout Board Tailgate (Dinosaur)
PITT: Foreign Exchange w/Pitt Fans (CNY and some Western PA Food)


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