Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Game Tailgate Recap

DCuse (left) Showing Great Form Orangeyes (Right)getting R&R after posting his daily links
A beautiful midsummer like day greated our tailgaters. A high of 87 in Syracuse and not a cloud in the sky in mid April is a far cry from the weather just a few weeks earlier. I wasn't able to attend but I received some reports from DcCuse and Quatsy.

The tailgate started around noon for the 2 pm kickoff for err whatever that thing was called in the Dome.

From DcCuse with a few interjects from me:
Quatsy got there first, best story of why he was there -- supposed to be at friend's birthday party, but said friend was stuck in Jamaica because he lost his passport. Phat Orange and I just behind him. All4SU showed next with his friend, Diane? (not a poster) LincolnCuse and his wife showed as always. Those Nebraska folks know how to tailgate.

Ryan from Rivals arrived with three friends and brought a grill and table and helped try and convince everyone to switch over. Lots of Rivals vs. Scout jokes.
OrangeTradition arrived then OrangeExtreme as the first from the golf contingent -- he left after Tomcat and crew, but beat them all by like 20 minutes. Seems like Tom had to run out and get some propane. Tomcat and crew played golf at Firefox near B'ville earlier in the morning.

OrangeOnions (orangeyes son) came with a guest. Retro, his son and brother came and brought some great venison. Jake also got there a little late. We had a few others show including one fella telling tOSU stories.

Food = Besides the venison, lots of Hoffmans and sausages on the grill. Beverages for everyone.

A nice job by all to get a spring tailgate tradition going.

My understanding is the Fine Lot was ours as the few other tailgators were in closer lots.

Next year is looking great for tailgating...four straight weeks in September!

Our group is doing fine with canopies and grills...what we need are some tailgate games. If you come across a game buy it. Some ideas are here.

Spring Attendance was sparse official attendance was about 3,500.

A couple highlites as noted in a previous post:


AKRON: K.I.S.S. Tailgate (Hoffmans, Zweigles, Burgers)...final planing meeting for the PSU board tailgate while drinking some LaBatts.

PENN STATE: Scout Board Tailgate (Dinosaur) I expect we'll do a combination of catered food with the extras provided by the group. Expect everyone to prepay for the Dino. I expect this to be our largest tailgate of the year.

NORTHEASTERN: Potluck...looking for suggestions

PITT: Foreign Exchange w/Pitt Fans (CNY and some Western PA Food) About 15-20 of us met in Pittsburgh last year and had a great time by the Shatheads.
(expect 10-15 Pitt (Shatheads) fans to join us)

LOUISVILLE: PIZZA Day...suggest several pizzas get delivered to go along with the normal fare.

UCONN: Open--if the season is progressing well maybe we invite a few of the Scout Yukon posters we have chatted with over the years.

@Rutgers: Expect a Cuse tailgate with subarney, cuseguy and a few others leading the way.

Another Spring Game Shot

Some general planning thoughts: Expect us to start setting up by 9am for Nooners. All other times expect us to start setting up 4 hours before kickoff. Let's hope 2008 brings more mid afternoon and evening kickoffs.


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